Flatiron POS Manager

POS Bar Code

The Software Solution for Managing Large-Scale
Point-of-Sale (POS) Data

Rapid Access to a Proven Solution
Flatiron POS Manager was built to manage large-scale Point-Of-Sale (POS) data for multiple chains, publishers, merchandisers, and products. An organization or department devoted to these critical efforts can start working with the tools they need, practically on demand.

Collaboration Between Departments and Organizations
Access dynamically updated POS data over the Internet from your headquarters, branch office, or anywhere else you choose to work. As an Internet-hosted application, Flatiron POS Manager can support many users across multiple departments, locations, and organizations. Our access control model governs the set of data each user has access to.

Detailed POS Data
Data may be stored at the Store/UPC level or at higher levels, such as by chain or product. Reporting intervals may also vary from day to week or month. Integrated tools assist with managing the relationships between UPC codes, products, and their respective manufacturers within the context of the database.

Data Mining and Analytical Tools
Integration of the Flatiron data mining and analytical tool set into the Flatiron POS Manager client enables our users to select, group, present, and deliver, on demand, the data they need. Select fields to summarize (date of sale, number of units sold, price per unit, etc.) and you’re one click away from a live data mining grid of your project data.

Complementary Data Conversion and Migration Services
Our data migration and conversion services can help move your current or legacy product data, including data from mainframe systems, into the Flatiron POS Manager database.