“Flatiron Rack Manager was a key component in our landing a new piece of business worth close to $1,000,000 over three years. Flatiron Rack Manager is now an integral part of our new business presentations for publishers that do business at the front end.

After investigating some possible alternatives, we believe that we have a state-of-the art solution in Flatiron Rack Manager.”

Ed Van Bomel
Director of Sales Administration
Comag Marketing Group

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Rapid Access to a Proven Solution
Flatiron Rack Manager was built to help manage the tasks related to the administration of checkout rack projects for multiple chains, publishers, merchandisers, and products. An organization or department devoted to these critical efforts can start working with the tools they need, practically on demand.

Collaboration Between Departments and Organizations
Access dynamically updated rack project data over the Internet from your headquarters, branch office, or anywhere else you choose to work. As an Internet-hosted application, Flatiron Rack Manager can support many users across multiple departments, locations, and organizations. Our access control model governs the set of data each user has access to.

Detailed Project Data
Along with the ability to enter and update detailed project information come the tools to search for projects by chain, manufacturer, coordinator, project number, invoice number, or other search criteria. Managed lookup lists for projects include manufacturers, coordinators, products, program types, split types, unit types, and sales territories.

Document Imaging
Database-housed document imaging allows users to scan documents, such as letters, contracts, display schematics and project invoices, directly into the Rack Manager database, for immediate availability to other users. Significant cost savings may be achieved through the elimination of expenses for faxing small documents and overnight delivery of large documents.

Data Mining and Analytical Tools
Integration of the Flatiron data mining and analytical tool set into the Flatiron Rack Manager client enables our users to select, group, present, and deliver, on demand, the data they need. Select fields to summarize; price per unit or the number of racks installed and you’re one click away from a live data mining grid of your project data.

Complementary Data Conversion and Migration Services
Our data migration and conversion services can help move your current or legacy project data, including data from mainframe systems, into the Flatiron Rack Manager database.

Comag Marketing Group Builds Their Business with Flatiron Rack Manager