Mainframe Data Conversion and Migration

Mainframe Cartridges

“Flatiron Solutions has a fantastic track record with Superior Data and I strongly recommend their services to everyone I work with. Their turnaround time is unbelievable!”

Kevin Hanley
Superior Data Services
Fidelity National Financial

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Flatiron Solutions provides mainframe data conversion, migration and integration services to some of the largest financial, insurance, media, and communications companies in the world. Our services include data migration and conversion (extraction, transformation, and loading) from current and legacy media types to databases and interchanges files, year-2000 data remediation, remote tape creation and replication, and archiving.

Starting with raw mainframe or non-mainframe data files, even on native mainframe media, we’ll help move your data to meet your requirements. Our supported deliverables include fixed-length or delimited ASCII files, workgroup files such as Microsoft Excel or Access and databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and most recently MySQL.

Our staff has over 20 years experience moving data between mainframe and non-mainframe systems. Our work ranges from moving small sets of information between systems for departments and small businesses to moving multi-million record loan portfolios for global financial organizations.

Financial Data
Our work with financial data spans investment banking, commercial banking, insurance and other industries. We have worked with data from many types of systems, including both residential and commercial mortgages, student loans, credit card accounts, car loans, boat loans, standard and tailored commercial loans and tax liens. We have even moved entire mutual fund families between organizations, with all related account and transaction history.

Insurance & Healthcare
Our work with insurance data includes property-related insurance products, along with medical, dental and prescription drug claims, and integration of data between insurers for coordination-of-benefits. We have also incorporated standard coding schemes (such as the AMA’s CPT and ICD-9 codes) into our integration efforts.

Municipal & Government
Our work with municipal and government data includes real estate and property tax records, tax liens, municipal and union payroll and pensions, benefit systems and retirement systems. We worked with one of our insurance clients to integrate property tax data from disparate mainframe and non-mainframe systems representing every county in the United States.