Real Estate Data Integration

Real Estate Integration

“Flatiron Solutions has a fantastic track record with Superior Data and I strongly recommend their services to everyone I work with. Their turnaround time is unbelievable!”

Kevin Hanley
Superior Data Services
Fidelity National Financial

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Flatiron Solutions has integrated property data originating from municipalities and taxing agencies including property data from the New York City Department of Finance, New York City tax lien data and related third-party feeds from sources like Experian for mortgages, satisfactions, etc.

Our clients for this type of data have been rather diverse, including Fidelity National Financial, The Real Estate Board of New York, The National Association of Realtors (USA), and Colliers ABR.

We provided a mix of products and services for a division of Transamerica Insurance that enabled them to incorporate all available property data for every county in the United States into a single homogeneous database. For comparison, the five boroughs of NYC alone represent over one million property records.

Our related services include data migration and conversion (extraction, transformation, and loading) from current and legacy media types to databases and interchanges files, year-2000 data remediation, remote tape creation and replication, and archiving.