Success Stories

Vintage Film Buff Expands to eBay and Google Shopping with Flatiron Enterprise E-Commerce Integration
Vintage Film Buff is a service of Electric Pictures offering public domain and orphan movies on DVD through the web site. To expand their reach and grow their business they decided to offer their movies on eBay, Alibris and Google Shopping – Product Search. Flatiron Solutions integrated data from their existing e-commerce site and developed customized product feeds to meet their specific requirements.  
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Flatiron Solutions Moves Millions of Records of Property Data for Superior Data Services
Superior Data Services, Inc., a member of the Fidelity National Financial family of companies, provides title services for all of the 62 counties of New York State. Flatiron Solutions has moved millions of records of property, tax, loan and other financial data each year for Superior Data Services since 2002.
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Comag Marketing Group Builds Their Business With Flatiron Rack Manager
“Flatiron Rack Manager was a key component in our landing a new piece of business worth close to $1,000,000 over three years. We were able to demonstrate outstanding control of product-related information relating to project expenses across rack manufacturers and chains through the use of its data mining and analytical tool set.”
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Flatiron Solutions Created the First Public Web Site for the African Burial Ground National Landmark
We are proud to have created the public web site for the African Burial Ground National Monument under contract to the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Working closely with staff of the GSA and later the National Park Service (NPS) and Army Corps of Engineers, we incorporated content from many different sources to enrich the web site.
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Flatiron Mainframe Data Engine Loads Internet-Based Data Warehouse at Market Insights
Market Insights provides an Internet-based Data Warehouse system to the Healthcare Industry. Flatiron Solutions and StorageTek are critical to our success.
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Flatiron Mainframe Data Engine Archives 10,000 Cartridges for the Largest Cellular Carrier in Greece
PANAFON is the largest cellular carrier in Greece and an integral part of Greece’s telecommunications infrastructure. They were confronted with the problem of how to meet government requirements to retain access to historical data stored on some 10,000 3480 cartridges from their ICL host system.
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