3D Product Viewers / AR Augmented Reality

3D product viewers or visualizers offer capabilities that are unmatched by traditional product photos and specifications. 3D visualizers allow prospective customers to zoom in and out and rotate a product so they can better understand how the product is made and how it fits together. Even simple products are easier to understand if you can spin them around, turn them over and look underneath.

We built these 3D visualizers of a folding canoe seat and a canoe rowing rig for a client that manufactures boating products. Each product incorporates a number of different parts and can be challenging for prospective customers to understand from just a few photos. The 3D product visualizers let a consumer get very close to in-person shopping at their convenience. Seeing a product in their own living room or environment can help move someone much closer to a purchase decision in just a few minutes.

On a PC, drag your mouse to rotate the product, use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out and even look underneath. On a phone or tablet you can use the (+) or (-) buttons or fingers to do the same and swipe around to rotate the product left, right, up and down. On an Android or Apple phone or tablet, touch the AR icon in the upper right to switch to view the product in AR. One a PC you will be presented with a QR code to scan on your Android or Apple device. The following photos will help show how this works.

Canoe Rowing Rig AR Step 1

Step 1 – Point your phone at a location where you would like to see the Rowing Rig in Augmented Reality and then click on the AR icon in the upper right of the 3D Visualizer.

Canoe Rowing Rig AR Step 2

Step 2 – Move your phone around or drag the rectangle below the Rowing Rig to move it around in the scene in real time.

Canoe Rowing Rig AR Step 3

Step 3 – With the Rowing Rig placed where you want it, take a screen shot. In the demo photo the Rowing Rig is leaning on an SUV and even casts a realistic shadow on the ground.