Flatiron Member Service

Service Representative

The Software Solution for Membership Organizations to Manage Member Data, Documents and Services

Rapid Access to a Proven Solution
Flatiron Member Service was built to help meet the needs of a New York City employee union with tens of thousands of active members and retirees. Over the course of seven years, we developed a set of tools to maintain member information, inquiries from members, form letters (to ensure consistent communication with members), and integrate New York City payroll and pension data. Organizations or departments devoted to the critical effort of supporting their members can start working with the tools they need, practically on demand.

Detailed Member and Service Inquiry Data
Detailed member information may be stored including a complete history of addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses, along with dependent data. Inquiries may be tracked by type and sub-type, along with the date opened, closed and each related action. Actions include phone calls, faxes, notes to file, hand-composed letters, and form letters. Management and reporting tools enable review of inquiries by time period, status (open or closed), service representative, or member information such as title, work location, or health insurance carrier.

Integration of New York City Payroll and Pension Data
We have helped our clients at New York City employee unions to integrate both payroll and pension data from the city’s mainframe systems, including such important details as health insurance codes, title codes, work locations, and member addresses.

Document Imaging
Database-housed document imaging allows users to scan documents, such as letters, contracts, and claim forms directly into the Flatiron Member Service application database, for immediate availability to other users. Significant cost savings may be achieved through the reduction of expenses for faxing small documents and overnight delivery of large documents.

Collaboration Between Departments and Organizations
Access dynamically updated member data over the Internet from your headquarters, branch office, or anywhere else you choose to work. As an Internet-hosted application, Flatiron Member Service can support many users across multiple departments, locations, and organizations. Our access control model governs the set of data each user has access to.

Complementary Data Conversion and Migration Services
Our data migration and conversion services can help move your current or legacy member data, including data from mainframe systems, into the Flatiron Member Service database.