About Flatiron Solutions

Flatiron Solutions specializes in creating simple application solutions to automate complex business processes, integrate data from disparate sources and sometimes do both in a single project or implementation. We have evolved a set of tools that enable the rapid creation and deployment of applications incorporating user-originated data, data from external sources and database-housed document imaging. These features are all brought together in Internet-hosted application environments that incorporate role-based user administration to provide secure access to data and collaboration across departments and organizations.

Flatiron Solutions provides hosted application and database development services, along with migration of large-scale mainframe data to PCs and servers to some of the world’s largest financial, insurance and media organizations. Our Flatiron Mainframe Data Engine product enables organizations to migrate, convert and replicate mainframe data originating on disk, cartridge and tape using inexpensive Windows PCs.

Aetna, Arthur Andersen, BankAmerica, BellSouth, Chase Manhattan Bank, DeutscheBank, First Union, Goldman Sachs & Co., Lehman Brothers, Lucent Technologies, PaineWebber, Reader’s Digest, and Transamerica are among our customers.