Flatiron Mainframe Data Engine Archives 10,000 Mainframe Cartridges for the Largest Cellular Carrier in Greece


PANAFON is the largest cellular carrier in Greece and an integral part of Greece’s telecommunications infrastructure. They were confronted with the problem of how to meet government requirements to retain access to historical data stored on some 10,000 3480 cartridges from their ICL host system.

Working closely with Decision Systems Integration, located in Athens, Greece, we supplied PANAFON with Flatiron Mainframe Data Engine, integrated with a StorageTek tape library. PANAFON is now in production, duplicating the 10,000 3480 cartridges to compressed disk archives, which are then stored in a magneto-optical jukebox. From the archives, complete sets of cartridge data may be regenerated to tape media, or loaded into PC spreadsheets, databases, and SQL database servers.