Vintage Film Buff Expands to Google Shopping, eBay, Alibris with Flatiron E-Commerce Integration


Vintage Film Buff is a service of Electric Pictures offering public domain and orphan movies on DVD through the web site. To expand their reach and grow their business they decided to offer their movies on eBay, Alibris and Google Shopping – Product Search. Flatiron Solutions integrated data from their existing e-commerce site and developed customized product feeds to meet their specific requirements.

“All through the process of selecting Flatiron Solutions for our e-commerce project, they asked relevant questions about our needs, and from the questions, I could see that they were very familiar with the work we needed done.

After selecting them, I was amazed with the speed with which they did the work. They communicated with us quickly and efficiently, and their knowledge and expertise were evident throughout the process. Our work was done on time and on budget, exactly as promised. What more could you ask for?”

Grace McKay
Electric Pictures